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ROCeteer Offers Mentoring to Innevators


We have great news for you all: we’ve teamed up with ROCeteer to provide Innevators with mentoring! ROCeteer experts combine coaching, training, mentoring, and consulting to help entrepreneurs with strategy, technology, finance, culture, marketing, and wellness. Who are these folks and what makes them experts? Check out their impressive bios!

Beginning November 14th and continuing every Friday, 2 of these awesome mentors will have 2 30-minutes time slots available to meet with Innevators from 2 to 3 pm! We talked with Kimberly Guiry, Happiness Astronaut, about ROCeteer, their experiences here last week, and what mentees can expect.

Q: Why are you offering mentoring at Innevation?

A: ROCeteer is a coaching, mentoring, training and consulting company based in Las Vegas. The ROC in ROCeteer is an acronym for several things, including Return on Community and Return on Colearning. By offering mentoring hours, we are providing colearning to the Innevation community.

Q: You offered some preliminary mentoring sessions to our members last week. What were they like?

A: Our sessions were diverse and interesting. We consider our four person crew an ‘executive-team-in-a-box’ offering CEO, COO/CFO, CTO and CMO experience. During our individual sessions, we shared specific knowledge in areas of finance, strategy and content marketing.

Q: What do you think of the environment at Innevation?

A: Innevation is a great state-of-the-art co-working space. The internet is lightning fast! The design and decor are quite stimulating and we absolutely love the Zen room! Ali & Lexi made us feel right at home. The people we passed in the halls were friendly and everyone was super helpful.

Q: How can a mentee make the most of his or her time with a mentor?

A: Because the sessions are limited to 30 minute blocks, we suggest having 3-5 questions prepared centered around a specific topic. This helps to maximize the use of the time and allows an opportunity for the mentor to provide coaching and training.

This is a fabulous opportunity and one you won’t want to miss out on. Stop at the front desk or email ali@innevation.com to schedule a time!

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