Tech Talk Tuesday: Facebook Rolls Out Payment Feature

Facebook has unveiled a new payment feature within Messenger that functions much like PayPal and Venmo. “By making payments part of its oft-used messaging service rather than a standalone app,” explains TechCrunch’s Josh Constine, “Facebook is looking to edge out dedicated P2P payment competitors like Venmo/PayPal, Google Wallet, and Square Cash, which people open less frequently.”

Check out the basic demo:

Tell us, #VegasTech:

March CommunityCation Luncheon


Join us on Thursday, March 26 for our monthly CommunityCation Luncheon! This month, we’re focusing on marketing and PR with two sparkling ladies from The Abbi Agency, a digital engagement firm. Constance Aguilar and Jackie Dennis will present Growing Your Business Up, highlighting business growth strategies from a global perspective:

PR & marketing

Engaging current and new customers via social media

Analyzing overall business and assessing growth areas

Attracting investors via placement in magazines like Entrepreneur, INC, Forbes, etc. and reach current and potential customers via other marketing mediums

Monetizing assets

Recommending additional streams of revenue generation

And lots more!

As always, the event is FREE and lunch will be from the delicious Earl of Sandwich.

Pretty please register even if you’re not sure you can make it so we can order enough food for all 🙂

Can’t wait to see you!


Throwback Thursday: The Clapper

Clap on. Clap off. Classic.

The revolutionary Clapper saved lazy people everywhere from having to get up and turn a light on or off. Today, we’ve got voice-activated technology à la The Jetsons, but back in the day the Clapper was all the rage. Enjoy this throwback spot, starring all the goofy 90s commercial personalities you know and love.

Did anyone catch the Chia Pet cameo?

LaunchUp Seeks Presenters


We first told you about LaunchUp on our blog back in September. Now, LaunchUp is looking for early stage startups/projects to present at their next event in April where the startup community can provide an entrepreneur-friendly environment for feedback and help.

They’re looking for folks who have a prototype or a demoable product, not idea-only presentations. If you’ve raised more than “walking around town money” (>$250k), have a large team (>5 FTE) or have been through a startup accelerator, LaunchUp probably isn’t a good fit for you. “We love side projects from first time entrepreneurs with other jobs or that are in school and that use LaunchUp as the first time publicly presenting their startup,” the LaunchUp team says.

The next Vegas LaunchUp is in April, so visit their site to apply now!

Tech Talk Tuesday: Solar Impulse 2

The solar-powered airplane Solar Impulse 2 took off yesterday on a journey of over 20,000 miles in an attempt to fly without using fuel. The plane will fly a total of 25 days over 5 months at a mere 28 mph. “It has a wingspan of 236 feet (72 meters), which is larger than that of the Boeing 747,” explains Mashable’s Tim Chester. “Built into the wings are 17,248 ultra-efficient solar cells that transfer solar energy to four electrical motors that power the plane’s propellers. The solar cells also recharge four lithium polymer batteries.”

The plane weighs around 5,000 lbs, or about the same as a minivan. A Boeing 747, by comparison, weighs 400,000 lbs.

Check out the unique aircraft’s take-off from Abu Dhabi below.